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05/01/2018 News 0

Xapo, noto fornitore di carte di credito su circuito VISA, basate su conti in BTC, ha appena inviato un aggiornamento che annuncia la chiusura delle operazioni con le carte VISA.

A partire da oggi, infatti, non sarà più possibile utilizzare la carta né per prelievi, né per acquisti.
Inutile dirvi il danno a tutti i possessori di BTC, che erano abituati ad utilizzare questa carta come modo per spendere i propri guadagni accumulati in BTC.

Resta sintonizzato per trovare un’alternativa.

Ecco l’annuncio ufficiale, in lingua inglese:

Yesterday, January 4th 2018, the Xapo Card issuer Wave Crest Holdings, Ltd. was instructed by Visa® to close all cards of its Visa® programs effective immediately.
Unfortunately, Xapo did not receive any anticipated notice to prepare for – and have our cardholders prepare for –  the cancellation of our Card program.
How does this change affect you?
Your Xapo Card has been deactivated, and you will not be able to use it for further payments or withdrawals. The rest of your Xapo account remains active, and you can continue to access your Xapo wallet balance and funds without interruptions. All other Xapo services are available for your use, as always.
If you currently have any pending transactions or refunds on your Xapo Card, we will work with WaveCrest to settle your pending transactions during the next few weeks.
What’s next?
If you ordered the Xapo Card recently, you expected to have much more time to use it. This is why Xapo will offer you the option to claim a refund of your card order fee through your Xapo Account if you ordered your card on or after December 1st, 2017. If you qualify, we will email you soon with instructions.
As a token of our appreciation for being a loyal Xapo customer, once we are able to service Xapo Cards in your country again, we will offer you a new card free of charge.
We are hard at work to find alternative card solutions for you. The past years have shown what a powerful product a cryptocurrency payment card can be, and we are already in discussions with potential card issuers allowing Xapo to continue serving customers in Europe and beyond.

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